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Hi, and welcome.

I am Steve Alexander, Life Coach, Money Making Coach, and all round decent guy trying to help others out of their money situations, out of poverty and to thrive and dream.

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If you follow me, you will notice that I am a guy on a mission trying to earn money just like others by doing one of the actual things I like.. writing…

One day that particular ship will come in, but until then, I have to strive to earn money in what ever ways I can, and the best way I do this is by doing another thing I love, searching the web and research.

I have had so many people ask me, how to earn extra money on the side and so I share and it is free and so simple yet these same folk who are struggling find this too much effort or just does not connect with them.

Connect with me, follow me, email me if you need help – especially while my services are free in this area of my work as I want to reduce poverty.

What is your style? how do you communicate?

My way may not be someone elses way but what I can offer, are secrets to make money without trying too hard – why? because that is my style as I like easy and not too much effort, but we at the end of the day we all have to find our own style.

My cheeky tips here to help you are often put in bold but incase you do not pick these out todays tips are these:

  1. Making Money does not have to be too hard
  2. Effort is needed, – how much is up to you.
  3. Find your own style.
  4. Find things you like doing and then research ways to make money from them
  5. Help others and help will be returned back to you, maybe not from teh same people but doors will open.

With a little help from my friends.

Todays blog is no different as I offer to help those struggling to pay their way through life and I know it is not easy.

Today I present to you links to my friends site which offers you the reader and my followers:

185 ways to make extra money is a blog from my good and trusted friend
Jamie Rohrbaugh who I connected with at the start of my journey, who not only offers this resource but much much more.

I have certainly used some of these with success, but with my latest mission of trying to raise £250,000 I will certainly be checking back in with my friend.

Whether it is making money or saving money or investing, I wish you abudance and success. if you would like help on your journey then please get in touch.

Peace and abundance

Steve Alexander.

About me.

Help me to raise £250, 000 mission to help build 10 wells in 10 villages in Africa- contact me for more info.

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Dream challenge – Raise £250,000 from nothing.

welcome all!

Do you ever get an idea in your head, you have no idea where it comes from but it just will not go away!

This is the latest idea of mine that is not going away. So here it is.

“Raise £250,000”

yes you read this right, raise £250,000 in 6 months!

With this I could buy the house I want and need, that car I like, fund some projects, start a business, help others… it is all there on my vision board.


Together with friends, it is my intention to raise this money to build ten wells in ten villages in a third world country…. and I believe it can be done.

If you do not have a vision board or never heard of one, it is a visual piece of words or images that you want in life.

On mine there is a treasure chest and gold like pirates treasure. and like a throne room.  Gold never loses its value and as you can see there is an abundance of wealth.

treasure chest

Get in touch with the words “vision board” in the subject line

I can help you create your own vision board and explain how powerful these can be and Intention setting.

Does Intention Setting and vision boards work?

In september 2018 I set the intention to have an apartment with a sea view, 2 bedrooms, with a garden and a parking space and for the rent to be the same where I am.

At the end of March/April I get the keys to move  into this place and it has the sea view and the bedrooms and overlooks a garden and has a parking space  – this is all true.

What are your Hopes and Dreams?

Do you have dreams or visions and want to know how-to-get help-to- make-your-dreams-come-true?

Maybe to be-debt- free, maybe to have more- money than you know what to do with, maybe to help-others, maybe to save-money.

Maybe you want to know how-to-make-easy-money.. buy-the-house or car-of-your-dreams.. have-no-money worries, give-up-work, work-from-home, make-easy-money-from-your -passions, be-your-own-boss, get -cash-back, get-free-things that you need….the list is endless.

This was all I was feeling, and there is a lot of get-rich-quick schemes but this is not one of them. This is hard work, in parts, and some bits may appear to be good to be true, it might be frustrating, it might take a while.

This is my road map, this is my journey.

There are lots of people out  there and you can choose who to follow but seek out those who offer authenticity value and transparency.

“You can do this!”

A few months ago I had a similar vision of raising £2000 which I did using a variety-of-sources. This was starting in negative figures and took me two months and I raised more than this.

Here I am again back with my new mission.

Since then

check this out My personal 10 Top Money Making Tips : I have studied, I have watched videos, I have joined groups, I have made connections with others, I have been reading, I have prayed, I have checked out the law of attraction, made vision boards. I have been active in my quest and I am going to share this journey with whoever wishes to follow. 

Anything I share I will fully explain and for >>>>>FREE<<<<<<

Why would I do this?

Because if I can do this, then anyone can.

I have no business back round, no investment- skills, no- fancy-media skills.

I am a dreamer, a health care worker on a minimum-wage looking at how -to provide-a-better life for myself, my family, my friends, my community, the world around me, but also encouraging others to live the life they would like.

As much as I want to receive I want to give – I think it is important to share resources.

Everywhere I go, I look,  there are people saying how fed-up-of-being-poor they are are looking for a better life.

You only have to go online to see all those videos on how you can make 6 figures, 8 figures, when to be honest you would be happy to just pay your rent or put food in your mouth.

BUT like food, you need bite size pieces, and if necessary provide 250,000 ways to get money if that is what it takes. Along the way I will leave golden crumbs or nuggets of wisdom so look out for these. I will recap these at the end, so look out for the tool box.

This goal to raise £250,000 is possible whether it takes two months, two years or longer but my intention is within 6 months.

The main thing is to have a  goal and to focus, it can be done.

I am looking for partners and sponsors in my mission as one of my legacy dreams is to build a well in a remote village and/or a place of education.

Although I could just donate, I want to be personally involved and invested.

Stay tuned the journey is just starting.

Steven Alexander.

tool box

N.B If you feel called to help, get involved  or can offer resources I would love to hear from you – “Changing lives, Changing World” Steven Alexander 2019

Join Me

About me.


My you tube video cash4pics

How to make cash by selling your pics!


Do you like taking photographs on your phone?

Most of us, like taking snaps of almost anything and everything, and we like to get camera happy.

Whether it is pictures of nature, or food, or places or yourself or others, you could be carying your own little gold mine without even realising it!

How many of us have said, I wish I had more income coming in, I wish I could find a way to make money without going to work.

What if you could make money just by using your phone?

Use your phone to make you some cash.

It is amazing how easy and simple it is to make money just by having a phone and an internet connection.

Many of us have phones and there are more and more places out there that have free wifi.

I am not saying this will make you a millionnaire but you never know, but if this is something that interests you, you may find more doors opening up to you which leads to more opportunities.

Take a picture, or go through what you do have and give it a go.

Get to work.

Yes I am afraid I did mention the W word however this could not be easier while you are watching tv or walking…To get you started I discovered this list below.

7 Ways to Make Money With Your Smartphone Pics

  1. #1 – Foap. They charge 10 dollars for a photo and 50% of that goes to thephotographer. …
  2. #2 – EyeEm. This app, which is similar to Instagram, is available for both Android and iOS. …
  3. #3 – Twenty20. …
  4. #4 – Alamy. …
  5. #4 – Depositphotos. …
  6. #5 – IconZoomer. …
  7. #6 – Scoopshot. …
  8. #7 – Fotolia.

I wish you luck and let me know how it goes.

If this post has been helpful or given you ideas please get in touch in the comments section.

If you have any great ways of making a side income let me know.

Thank you for reading.

Steven Alexander

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About Me: – the begining of the journey.

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Money making made easy

Debt Free – financial abudance in a year.

Pennies from heaven

100 money making side hustle and business ideas.

Contact me:

Money Making Made Easy


My name is Steve Alexander, welcome to my site.

I must start with an apology, as it has been a while since I was on here, I have not forgotten about you so thank you for continuing to be a part of my journey… I really would not be here without you and have come so far because of you – thank you.

So.. where have I been? Have I become a millionare and not told you? has all my little make money save money hacks worked so well I have now given up work and I am living the high life – not quite, but I promise if I do I am taking you all with me. Who is in?

Firstly I am on a promise – oh yes… and let me share it’s been a while..but before you throw quotes or accuastions hold off a little –

Story Time Testimony with Steve “Story Steve”

I want you to imagine you have no money – yep you are feeling poor, it’s been a hard month or you have spent too much, and you check your cupboards and ..old mother hubbard syndrome – cupboard is bare other than a mouldy bar somewhere that cecil the spider and his ten children have munched on and spun their home around… you know what I am talking about or maybe you do not….

You realised at some stage that you have websites directories and contacts that you have built up to help you out in this situation… and so I tap out a message to a reliable contact…..

Dear…..... Do you have any quick easy passive income anything…

You sit waiting for that message to come back.. have you ever had that where it seems an age yet the reality is it’s seconds?

Free Dinner Out – cash in my pocket, and potential to earn some serious money back just by sending a text message or email……..


Let me tell you less than 20 mins later I had cash in my account and now I was off to pay for dinner out and I came back full and with change in my pocket and this one tip, had I shared it with others could have earned me lots of money too.. depending upon how many I sent it too… and of course by sending me the tip herself this person got a kick back (paid by a company) so both a winner. …

However I did not share this… but I enjoyed that meal.

Get Paid for having a phone conversation.

I am not even making this up. The potential to earn a side income, passive income, add additional income streams is crazy and totally real.

My friends, I am fed up of the scams.. by chasing the money opportunities I have been duped, so there is no way I would do the same to you.. all my stories are genuine and can be backed up with evidence.

ITS NOT WHAT YOU KNOW IT’S WHO YOU KNOW – or it’s what you know about who you know!

The reality is, it’s both I think!

Now, I do not mind sharing, that in my jouney of setting up blogs, baring in mind I am not an expert, I just like writing, but there are certain things we have to do, to work on, to make it a better experince for others.. For others go this concept threw me at first.

Earning cash is my thing!

My blogs were just an online joutnal for me, from me, to me, to look back on, and sure if they helped others great, but then suddenly I have to look at things like paragraph structure, something called meta links or something and the tech stuff goes on and on…..but that is not my thing – earning side cash is.. so a phone call.

My friend sends me a link…. Just to be clear, these are are referal links or affiliated marketting links known in the trade. Personally if these links get me hard cash call them Mickey and Donald for all I care, I just want to know……

  1. Is it legit.. or a scam
  2. How easy is it
  3. Does it pay cash or vouchers, if so how and how quickly([personally i love Pay Pal)
  4. What is the cost to me.. so bare in mind there may be out of pocket travel expenses, or things you have to buy first

I contact the link, and again I get paid and I can share with my friends some of the money, because all I do is talk about certain topics for about 10 mins and I get paid. For legal reasons on this occasion I cannot share any more about this particular job as it has disclosure agreements….

Share or not share that is the question.

I guess I bring up this topic for a few reasons. In my journey of blogging, I have found it tricky to get genuine support. People seem to be really guarded about sharing help and maybe with good reason, but this can make it really hard when starting out!

If you notice however, just looking at Facebook for example, so many people are just giving away so many free things in the hope that they build connection, add value, and can get your support, whether it’s sooner or later..It is quite smart pyschological thinking and marketting, and does it work – you bet it does, over and over again!

Take the bet – Gamble on you!

I am not a betting man, but I have been to the dog racing and horse racing, and I see the bookies and those people who hang near them and hand over piles of money for tips and inside info.

Now what if I offered you my inside info, because let’s be clear I am not making the money I could be, why..because I cannot be bothered to chase the money and when I did, it made me miserable…but if I could offer you my contact list, my mentors… how much would that be worth to you? I could give you access to people who are making it, who have helped me, I am talking about:

  1. Get out of debt fast
  2. Earn extra money

Confidentiality verses shared support

I am not going to share with you this list, and I am not going to sell you anything.. not today not now……but like I said I am on a promise and I like to honour my promises, and todays blog is really to say thank you to some one who not only has helped m,e but has helped countless others, and I promised I would share her hard work which she shares.

Whether you are after saving money or making money or boosting money, trust me this awesome lady Clare from My Money” is worth checking out and her resources. I cannot thank her enough, and I am sure I will continue to knock on her door but you might make better opportunities than me and make money..

As for me… I just like making friends, because for me, that is where my riches lie.

Thank you for reading.

Steve Alexander.

Links and resources

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Debt free, financial Abundance in one year.

Welcome welcome to this blog here at, and just to jump on the band wagon Happy New year.

I am Steven Alexander, blogger, writer,coach and much more, good to see you here.

If you are new here, my blog is all about helping people out of the poverty trap, giving them hints, tips, easy ways to make money legally that anyone can do with no experience, talent or skills, any age, any gender, non judgemental.

the site is a sign post to a whole range of resources and help out there available to those that need it should people want it and saying they are, fed up of being poor, fed up of being skint, no money.

It aims to be a helping hand and to be the thing that I needed when I was in the situation I was in. This is mainly a journal and a journey, so one day when people ask, how did you do it I can tell them. Is this an easy journey, is it a get quick rich scheme is it a selling site – it is none of those. This site may contain adverts and banners as i need to pay for this site and may point to other services but primarily it is to help those that need it.

So, honestly speaking… how was 2018 financially for you?

In today’s post I will cover:

i) 2018 financial goals and how I achieved them through determination and hard work.

ii) gets on you tube. special edition.

iii) Blogging saved my mental health and helped others and earned me money.

iv) Achieved qualifications

v) Set up of my own business and new career as a Motivation Coach.

I discover Law of attraction – and see it work!

So here was how I did it –

I have to be honest it was quite the ride for me.. and these were my goals.




So what did I learn and did it work?

One of my goals last year was to get on you tube– why because I felt that was where the cool folk go to and are.. and I could help people and…..

.And .. well I was not cool and had no idea what I was doing.

However I gave it a go because I wanted to teach my 7 year old to be better with her money than me and give her the teaching I did not have when I was her age… and guess where the cool kids hang out … on you tube… so I had to prove her old man was cool and she could go into school proud to tell her friends her dad was indeed “a you tuber”

Do you want to see it??? It is not polished it is not professional, it is only basic and aimed at 7 year olds as my target audience.

Enjoy. Please like out of kindness.

It was my first and maybe last video. PLEASE REMEMBER ITS TARGET AUDUIENCE! – 7 year olds.

Nov 2017 – March 2018 Mission raise £3000 to get me out of debt. Bare in mind I had also been made homeless end of November, my car had been written off and I was  also penniless.

I managed to get a roof over my head, got lots of paid work and  I did this in 3 months and bought my first car that I paid for by myself in December.

2018 Late Jan after forking out lots of money on the old car and getting fed up, I had to scrap this an.d invest in a better car.. I ended up with a car I had wanted for a while.. large boot, tow bar, automatic and the make I wanted at a price I could afford.

Feb 18 – August saw me just get as much work as I could as I was on my own (as previously I was in a relationship with joint finances) but now I had rent to find and food and the cost of living to find…This was hard work and I pulled some crazy hours at work to make sure I did not slip into debt. and I did what I needed to do.. There was no way I wanted to go back.

Studied hard – I watched so many you tube videos and connected with lots of money saving sites and money making sites, looking at passive income and income streams  (Do a web search and lots come up) and I started to make and save money…

I started this blog to help others and myself, with the hope of the blog earning money… let me share with you.. this is a skill and honestly do you want to know how much I earn from this site…0.06$ this last year from ads… so I have a long way to go… but I have helped others and myself which is more important. Maybe this time next year I will be a millionaire #millionaire mindset. This blog acted like a journal and really did help my mental health as I became depressed and every day was a real battle to live.

I cut down on who I gave money to.. If you feel that others need it more than your needs then you have to do what you feel is right for you.

I learned the difference between what I wanted and needed, so was I wasting what I did have? How can I make my money stretch further? who owes me money or favours – time to cash in…..

Finally I saw another you tube video about some guy wanting me to buy his book or come to a conference and how he turned his life around from his sales job to his own business which is still in sales only for himself…. BUT the point of his book is how to turn your passions into money….. so I made a list of my hobbies and interests and how to make money from these. “Passion into Profit” Andy Harrington – check him out.

Mentors – These were not actual mentors as such one to one but I have to mention those I tuned to and helped me… (Click inside the brackets below to take you to the links)

Work from home – (passive income)


Dave Ramsey (lots of videos on you tube) – (Be better with money and get out of debt  7 steps to success)

Martin Lewis  – (Money saving Expert )

Jamie Rohrbaugh  “Over not Under” Christian support for those who need extra help  – (prayers and resources.) 

Kain Ramsey  (teaching and encouragement) and the (Achology community) 

and to friends mainly and two great churches in the uk where I live( Light of Life Baptist Church)  and  (Kingsgate community Church) who looked after my spiritual well being.

Steve Bremner, an inspirational guy Author, mentor amongst other things who challenged me to be better but more importantly to start writing. If you have a passion for writing any book or blogs especially I recommend Steve. Start your dream to write click here:

Coaching  (“SAS Mindset Coaching”)- I now offer life coaching and have currently qualified in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic  Practice (turning negatives into positives, rewiring of the brain) Money coaching and with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy coming soon and I will be adding to my counselling skills shortly but  if you fancy some quick free coaching tips if in need of some piece of mind you can still get these over at the other blog I run click here >>>>> Peace of mind Coachingh

I am also debt free, mortgage free and soon in a job that pays more and the hours suit me better and I can still do my coaching and whatever else I need  or want to do thanks to the art of leverage – #Freedom life  – I may post about this another time.

The law of attraction helped me to focus on what I wanted and I saw mind blowing results by focusing on the things I wanted..job positions, new cars, houses for sale I liked “just pop up for sale” money making opportunities.

This were my high lights of the year how was yours and what do you have planned for this year?

THANK YOU for following me, your support has really been amazing and I cannot thank my followers enough- This year is going to be bigger and explosive and I would love to take you all with me if you want to stay in touch.

This site will change as it develops a little but please bare with me.

I am also open to feedback on how it can be better for you. I am sorry this post has been about me….it has been a hard year, very hard – The next few posts shall return to helping to serve you.

God bless you for reading and look out for further Posts.

Steven Alexander…………

Never be broke again!

Hi and welcome.

Question – would you prefer famine or feast?

This may seem an odd question and one I came across in a search the other day.

I realised recently I do not want to work harder in life.

This is actually not a new thing, this concept, but has long been a dream of mine. I love dreaming my concepts.

I have remained in this dream not knowing how to make it real and I am all about making my dreams become reality… And I have some great dreams.

I want my money to work harder which means I have to be smarter.

I do not have much, and I do not earn much, and yes I am sure I can improve that

Maybe, I need to use what nature has given me a little bit more….turn my passions and interests into pounds.

The road is long and steep but I am getting there.. And I am on the road.” Steven Alexander 2018

So today I am learning how to:

Acquire wealth

Keep wealth

Be smarter.

If I realise I am lacking in knowledge in a certain area or fear, then I am learning to become master of this.

I have known famine and I have known feast..

I know which I prefer!

below is the video that inspired this trail of thought. (there may be more on you tube)money skills – never be broke again! (It may feel slow going to start with.. dig deep)

I will certainly give some of these a try.

have a good day, and abundance with you.

Steven Alexander

Stay Hungry


Can I ask a question. “Are you hungry right now..and if so what are you hungry for?

Are you fed up of being poor? Do you know what it is like to-be-so-fedup-of-beingpoor?

“Stay hungry” seems an odd title, but this idea of being “hungry” for something is a real motivator as it can push you to strive more for whatever that need is.

When most people think of hungry, they think of being food hunger..but if you think about that feeling, it is about a deep need that needs to be filled, so in that case you need food.

Today I am writing about that hunger to get out of debt maybe or earn extra income or have a better relationship with money … do you ever feel those those?

Do you want to have £250.000 in your account or whatever the equivalent  in your currency?

That would be amazing right?

I have a vision board, and on that board is that figure £250,000..

Every day I look at that and I say to myself I want to earn £250, 000.

You may ask why do I want that? why would you ?

I have seen a house that I want. It is beautiful!!

It has lots of rooms, large garden, room for cars and visitors and  a kitchen to cook for family and friends and somewhere where I can do my washing and a swimming pool.

Maybe if I had money left over I would start a business to help others.

The truth is ,I have seen many houses like this, but can I afford them? -No.

I am on minimum wage, I struggle to keep my head above the water…….

BUT I aim to be resourceful and one way or other I will get the money I need, why because I have passion and drive. I am hungry! I do not want to be poor, I do not want to live in poor housing and worry if buying my kids shoes means I have to go without food myself, but I buy those shoes.

Sometimes that figure seems miles away and a mountain… but I read somewhere…

“I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” Matthew 17:20

I tell you one way or other I will get what I want because I am hungry. I have a dream, I have vision and I know how good that will feel because I can feel that now as though I have received it -I am hungry! (Law of attraction thinking!)

“What to focus on totally affects your life. Think about it. whatever you focus on you will feel even though it’s not true….Focus equals feelings… feelings equals direction” Tony Robbins

A teacher once told me a story of two men who looked out of a prison cell and one looked up and saw the stars and the other looked down at the mud – same position different perspective.

I am holding strong to a vision I had how me giving  to others all I have will see it paid forward back to me several times over because I give unconditionally without conditions and this comes at great risk and cost to myself but I have faith.. it may be little faith.. small faith, faith the size of a mustard seed – but I believe!

I would love for my blogs to earn me money. I would like for all the free advice I give out to earn me money..I would like the part time job I have to give me more money but I am looking after my daughter and frankly I want to enjoy life and working full time would kill me – (but it would bring in extra income!)

Some might say but If I am not prepared to work full time then money will not come as I am lazy.

This is wrong! I have been at work for 24 hours and I still have time to help and support others on line in need of help, and I watch videos that will make me a better person and educate myself which keeps me up when  should be sleeping but I strive to be better human being and helping others keeps me alive.

Maybe I  want life on my terms and work what I want when I want, and even if I earned enough so I did not have to work, I would still work because that is who I am, in a job I am guessing that is helping others less fortunate than myself.

Let me encourage you to keep dreaming. Change your focus if you need to.. change your story if your story isn’t working for you, because the same story gets dull right!

Stay hungry!

Achieve those dreams?

Continue to be so fed up of being poor.

God bless you and thanks for reading and following.

Listen to more words of Tony Robbins – An amazing life coach and mentor<<<<<<<<<<<

Please visit soon. Please feel free to comment or get in touch with your thoughts and experiences.

NEW:) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I offer online private and confidential debt support…so if you need a chat, or talk to someone, please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

photo of blog writer steven Alexander

Steven Alexander

NEW:) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I offer online private and confidential debt support…so if you need a chat, or talk to someone, please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you.



91 ways to make money while you sleep.

Greetings and Welcome!

I was up till late last night.

I woke up and thought to myself…

“I did not feel like getting up, wouldn’t it be good if I could just lie in bed all day and make money from the comfort of my own bed….” and my mind began to wander.

man sleeps on a bed of bank notes across the bed
Wishing I was asleep on a bed of money

I wondered if this was actually possible… I want to be like this guy Lightning GM Steve Yzerman

The challenge was on.. I set myself a mission to earn £50.00.. not quite the millions of dollars in that photo. I appreciate this may not seem like a lot to some people but to me this was….. Could I do it? I wondered…

Is it possible to make money while I slept

From the comfort of my bed I reached out for my phone and began tapping.

If you are as curious as I am, you may want  to check these out to check out if this is actually achievable.


This is insane as this is just page 1 on GOOGLE!

I think to myself If I applied myself for a solid few weeks, if I literally just focused on these…perhaps from the comfort of my own bed, then at some point I CAN EARN MONEY WHILE I AM ASLEEP –
It is at this point I wish I had an “Alexa” to put the my kettle on for me and make me coffee. I have to say I experienced one of these the other day. “Alexa” was amazing!!!
Meet big “Alexa” but she has sisters.. oh yes!!!

picture of the new amazon echo product available to buy from amazon
amazon echo echo echo
“Alexa” told me the time, playing me music, acknowledged me as the boss, put the kettle on… some point I am having one myself. I have to say I AM IN LOVE WITH “ALEXA”
Well folks, I would love to chat more, however I am currently listening to an audio version of “RICH DAD, POOR DAD” ROBERT KIYOSAKI on you tube . I was going to get the book but this video just saved me a few pounds, but again,
It is actually rather educational, and I can listen from bed while I check out the above links.
This time next year will be a millionaire!

picture of a sign with the words "opportunity Centre" displayed on it and an arrow pointing forward towards it
Follow the path of opportunity
 I was going to say “Thanks for following and reading ” because :
I was taught to be polite,
I am genuinely thankful that people think this is worth reading
I get a little excited feeling when I see a new follower – sad but true!
but then…… I came across an article that said “STOP SAYING THANK YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA” by this guy – Ian Anderson Gray
“How about doing something a little different?”
Steven Alexander

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This is me so poor I am not even in the line
p.s I have just discovered I can make a donation to charity through shopping on amazon support charities shopping online without costing you any more
I have a sister who is physically disabled.

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sibling love
“MENCAP” is a great charity who work hard at supporting adults and children with learning disabilities to live life to the full. I currently work there as a support worker,
Mencap do great work and I GET PAID TO SLEEP.
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Hold your Shhhh…ip together.

Fed up of being poor logo. 3 people heading on a bridge towards the sun reaching out
Reaching out to others and achieving goals and dreams together

Hello my friends welcome back to another exciting fun filled blog of procrastination, adventure, and probably nonsense.

So friends let us just dive right in here with somersaults and back flips like  a pro diving Olympian. (thank fully no heights are involved)

So the title today, …I have had to re word it slightly, but metaphorically as the waves of life can battle us and how those waves can come, I thought it was a great array of describing words.

“Hold your shhh ip together”

I have spoken about vision boards and goals in other posts, and it is always good to see a measure of someone by seeing what they actually do : again “walk the walk”

So here are a couple of mine. –

Be mortgage free.

I am in the process of selling my old family home that has tenants in. Whist it has paid a portion of one morgage off, it did not cover the rent of where I was living, which was a tiny  place. 4 years ago I moved from a family home to follow my dream of :-

living by the sea. I put things in storage and I lived in a caravan (I think my american family would call it a “van” or a “trailer”) for a while until I could get a house. The beaches are beautiful, I see seals often in the wild, I kayak, I have owned a small boat.

I made this dream happen!

The rent was under the market value to support the struggling family who lived there and they had no rent rise in 7 years. Knowing what it is like to struggle, I wanted to help the family out.

The time has come to sell it and move on.

The sale of the house will make me MORTGAGE FREE

To be retired at the age of 40 – I currently work part time so I am semi retired – (I tell myself)

The reality is without a miracle or a lottery win or kind benefactor, I will not be retiring anytime soon, and even if I retired from my current job I would still be involved in unpaid charity work. – I am still working at being FINANCIALLY FREE


Always dreamed of writing. I used to write the odd poem, been known to write the odd story, but moving on…but more recently I wanted to start living this more. I joined a group who encouraged me to “Just write!” and so  began.

5 months on.. I am now currently writing reviews, write and research for friends who need support. I am thinking about an e book. I write the occasional blog and poem. I have a novel in mind which is in early stages. – I am achieving but developing.

To own my own business – I am so far off this mark I am barely off the blocks but the fact is I am off the blocks so I am progressing very slowly with ideas and options.


It is great when we succeed or can share our success stories, but it is also ok to fail, as by failure we learn to grow and develop and help others out.

I am not sharing my journey for any accolade or ego trip. I am writing these as a reminder for me but also to encourage you out there, who ever you are, whatever you do to keep hold of your dreams and missions and hold on to these during the rough seas.

It can be hard to “keep our ship” together but that is when we need to dig deep and hold on to our resources and hard work already done. I strongly believe that although sometimes we may think it is all for nothing, at some point things will click. 

Let me share  a quick story.

As I sat at inside an american eating place yesterday, a guy is over hearing me on the phone talking to my lawyer about my house sale, and starts yelling across the restaurant to talk to me, or rather tell me about his housing issues.

I invite the stranger over to sit with me, and then begins to tell me his life story of battles with is land lady trying to evict him, not doing things legally or by the book. Going on I learn about his medical issues, and family issues, not being able to see his kids, and battle with mental health and suicide.

By the end of our conversation we had talked about long term planning, goals, life survival skills, peer to peer support, tenant advice, and the guy thanked me for making him smile and giving him a sense of hope.

This my friends, is what I live for to help other human beings out, and so occasionally you may see a paypal link to my site so I can be available and support people, whether it is free counselling, mediation, practical support etc… jack of many trades, master of none.

I have many such instances like these. It is nice to know that the things I had worked hard for and even battled could help others.

Increase Income – I have picked up more shift work. While this is not ideal and hard work it brings in just enough to cover debts – money is out there, sometimes it is a matter of how much we want it and are prepared to do for it. (I am still thinking of signing up to be a “rent a friend” though ethically this still does not sit well with me personally. I believe it is possible to DOUBLE YOUR INCOME.

My Throne Room – I promised I would be opening up a “throne room” of resources. Please do go and check it out.

So my 5 TOP TIPS today as you go about your personal missions whatever they may be are to:

Hold on to dreams and goals,

Keep hold of the Long game.

Keep walking the walk – lead by example.

Choose your mentors wisely.

Use your training and resources.


“Sometimes we may be close to losing our ship.. but find your anchors, they may just save your life.” Steven Alexander 2018

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Time out is time well spent

Steven Alexander

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