91 ways to make money while you sleep.

Greetings and Welcome!

I was up till late last night.

I woke up and thought to myself…

“I did not feel like getting up, wouldn’t it be good if I could just lie in bed all day and make money from the comfort of my own bed….” and my mind began to wander.

man sleeps on a bed of bank notes across the bed
Wishing I was asleep on a bed of money

I wondered if this was actually possible… I want to be like this guy Lightning GM Steve Yzerman

The challenge was on.. I set myself a mission to earn £50.00.. not quite the millions of dollars in that photo. I appreciate this may not seem like a lot to some people but to me this was….. Could I do it? I wondered…

Is it possible to make money while I slept

From the comfort of my bed I reached out for my phone and began tapping.

If you are as curious as I am, you may want  to check these out to check out if this is actually achievable.


This is insane as this is just page 1 on GOOGLE!

I think to myself If I applied myself for a solid few weeks, if I literally just focused on these…perhaps from the comfort of my own bed, then at some point I CAN EARN MONEY WHILE I AM ASLEEP –
It is at this point I wish I had an “Alexa” to put the my kettle on for me and make me coffee. I have to say I experienced one of these the other day. “Alexa” was amazing!!!
Meet big “Alexa” but she has sisters.. oh yes!!!

picture of the new amazon echo product available to buy from amazon
amazon echo echo echo
“Alexa” told me the time, playing me music, acknowledged me as the boss, put the kettle on…..at some point I am having one myself. I have to say I AM IN LOVE WITH “ALEXA”
Well folks, I would love to chat more, however I am currently listening to an audio version of “RICH DAD, POOR DAD” ROBERT KIYOSAKI on you tube . I was going to get the book but this video just saved me a few pounds, but again,
It is actually rather educational, and I can listen from bed while I check out the above links.
This time next year will be a millionaire!

picture of a sign with the words "opportunity Centre" displayed on it and an arrow pointing forward towards it
Follow the path of opportunity
 I was going to say “Thanks for following and reading ” because :
I was taught to be polite,
I am genuinely thankful that people think this is worth reading
I get a little excited feeling when I see a new follower – sad but true!
but then…… I came across an article that said “STOP SAYING THANK YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA” by this guy – Ian Anderson Gray
“How about doing something a little different?”
Steven Alexander

Fed up of being poor logo. 3 people heading on a bridge towards the sun reaching out
This is me so poor I am not even in the line
p.s I have just discovered I can make a donation to charity through shopping on amazon support charities shopping online without costing you any more
I have a sister who is physically disabled.

photo of me steven alexander with my handcapped sister
sibling love
“MENCAP” is a great charity who work hard at supporting adults and children with learning disabilities to live life to the full. I currently work there as a support worker,
Mencap do great work and I GET PAID TO SLEEP.
A condensed version of this page is now available on my “tool kit” site The Throne Room

Charity begins at home


I have had to re edit the title of this page a few times as it covers a few areas, but I think this title really says a lot in itself.

In all of my years of charity work, fundraising work it is so humbling when you see those who cannot afford to give  “give”. This is not to meant to be offensive in any way, I mean, who am I to say who cannot afford to give – I am, because I am one of the many who give without thinking, without counting the cost, whether we can afford to or not. We would give to another before our own need even if our need is greater! Together we are rich in different ways.


Welcome to my blog!

As the webpage address suggests “I am fed up of being poor” – this is not to point the finger at poor people and somehow  suggest they are less of a human being than me, but the opposite – It is my obligation, my duty, my calling, to help those in poverty or are praying that phrase with bated fed up, hopeless breath..sighing “I am fed up of being poor.”

If you follow my site, thank you so so much, I love you more than I will ever be able to repay your kindness….if you are not a follower yet – I hope you soon will be.


Back in January, maybe just before, I was “invited” to a writing group, as someone who had told a friend that I was interested in writing. Now these were mostly already published authors of great books, online material, and here I was a small fry in a pan of big cheeses, no material, no idea, nadda, nothing, just some pumped up punk with a dream of writing something.

“Just write..” “Just do it”

So I began exploring with ideas…..and finally I came up with…..

yep –  rags to riches story.. and this would be amazingly transformational, world changing, would get 1000 followers… I would be the king on my throne people…

and then… of course..one person points out….”

“but you are still in rags!”

so here is my back story…… I am not going to try to sell anyone anything or convince anyone my way is going to make anyone rich, because I am still in overdraft…. but people let me tell you this man is on a mission!!!!

I am researching, I am studying, I am building this blog as my journal ..real, live, on line off line journal of little old me just trying to better myself and in the process support others  with what I am learning…. I am learning quick.

To recap

I am no expert at being rich but I am an expert in being poor and having no money.- but getting there.

I am still in some debt,(just) (ish) (a small bit)(manageable) It is possible to get out as I have done!

I have paid off huge amounts of debt in less than 3 months.

I have discovered great resources, communities, businesses, bloggers…

I have found a new love(s)… an online love of blogging and search for passive income 9-5 job just is not where I want to be.

I have helped lots of people.

I have been helped by lots of people – this is hard and humbling especially if you are someone who is a “giver” (keep it clean people) receiving and accepting help can be very hard.

I have discovered that you discover who are genuine and sincerely want to help! –  we all appreciate free things and generosity – we believe what goes around comes around. I am thankful for the huge support I have. It is good to get connected.

So……. this month has been a struggle because although it is my fault because I have overspent –  I now have to put into place the strategies and tips I have been bleating on about in my posts..

image of a sheep with open mouth making a bleating sound
who wants to be a bleating sheep or a sheep at all?

I have to walk my own walk and talk less of my own talk less bleating!

So here are my  Get out of debt  8 easy tips….

  1. Get help (could be internet, e.g google, you tube, websites) – Do some research…The throne room has some good resources.
  2. Do not be afraid to ask for help or too proud to receive help.
  3. Find ways to de-clutter and sell items – let us get some money coming in.
  4. If you have the opportunity to work, or do more hours take it up... suck it up for a short while, even if it is not ideal –  (Someone did suggest to me escorting – but that is not me.)
  5. Do a “talent and passions audit.” write down the things you are interested in doing and find ways to make money from it… i,e gaming, or walking the dog, or poetry, or writing, or selling…. seriously people there are ways of making money from doing almost anything.
  6. Do not talk about it….do it!
  7. Do not rely on others, trust in yourself.
  8. work work work! work for your dreams – it will pay off.

Please do stop and read my other posts! or visit my other sites :

Refiners Way – Refining our way of life through bringing back balance and serenity

The Throne Room – A wealth of life resources

Thanks for Reading!

image with the word thank you in a speech bubble
As my ma used to say, don’t forget to say your please and thank you’s

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Fed up of being poor logo. 3 people heading on a bridge towards the sun reaching out
Reaching out to others and achieving goals and dreams together


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“Shutterstock” Notes These are the bills I want

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photo of author, and writer Steve Alexander drinking coffee and enjoying time out
Steven Alexander Time out is time well spent