185 Easy money making ideas!

Hi, and welcome.

I am Steve Alexander, Life Coach, Money Making Coach, and all round decent guy trying to help others out of their money situations, out of poverty and to thrive and dream.

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If you follow me, you will notice that I am a guy on a mission trying to earn money just like others by doing one of the actual things I like.. writing…

One day that particular ship will come in, but until then, I have to strive to earn money in what ever ways I can, and the best way I do this is by doing another thing I love, searching the web and research.

I have had so many people ask me, how to earn extra money on the side and so I share and it is free and so simple yet these same folk who are struggling find this too much effort or just does not connect with them.

Connect with me, follow me, email me if you need help – especially while my services are free in this area of my work as I want to reduce poverty.

What is your style? how do you communicate?

My way may not be someone elses way but what I can offer, are secrets to make money without trying too hard – why? because that is my style as I like easy and not too much effort, but we at the end of the day we all have to find our own style.

My cheeky tips here to help you are often put in bold but incase you do not pick these out todays tips are these:

  1. Making Money does not have to be too hard
  2. Effort is needed, – how much is up to you.
  3. Find your own style.
  4. Find things you like doing and then research ways to make money from them
  5. Help others and help will be returned back to you, maybe not from teh same people but doors will open.

With a little help from my friends.

Todays blog is no different as I offer to help those struggling to pay their way through life and I know it is not easy.

Today I present to you links to my friends site which offers you the reader and my followers:

185 ways to make extra money is a blog from my good and trusted friend
Jamie Rohrbaugh who I connected with at the start of my journey, who not only offers this resource but much much more.

I have certainly used some of these with success, but with my latest mission of trying to raise £250,000 I will certainly be checking back in with my friend.

Whether it is making money or saving money or investing, I wish you abudance and success. if you would like help on your journey then please get in touch.

Peace and abundance

Steve Alexander.

About me.

Help me to raise £250, 000 mission to help build 10 wells in 10 villages in Africa- contact me for more info.

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The Motivation and Mindset Coach

I am a life coach and a dreamer who believes dreams are to be lived and experienced. I'm a writer, a poet..father and friend . I laugh, love give. Life is for sharing and enjoying precious moments. I love helping others. www.facebook.com/S.A.S.mindsetcoaching

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