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My name is Steve Alexander, welcome to my site.

I must start with an apology, as it has been a while since I was on here, I have not forgotten about you so thank you for continuing to be a part of my journey… I really would not be here without you and have come so far because of you – thank you.

So.. where have I been? Have I become a millionare and not told you? has all my little make money save money hacks worked so well I have now given up work and I am living the high life – not quite, but I promise if I do I am taking you all with me. Who is in?

Firstly I am on a promise – oh yes… and let me share it’s been a while..but before you throw quotes or accuastions hold off a little –

Story Time Testimony with Steve “Story Steve”

I want you to imagine you have no money – yep you are feeling poor, it’s been a hard month or you have spent too much, and you check your cupboards and ..old mother hubbard syndrome – cupboard is bare other than a mouldy bar somewhere that cecil the spider and his ten children have munched on and spun their home around… you know what I am talking about or maybe you do not….

You realised at some stage that you have websites directories and contacts that you have built up to help you out in this situation… and so I tap out a message to a reliable contact…..

Dear…..... Do you have any quick easy passive income anything…

You sit waiting for that message to come back.. have you ever had that where it seems an age yet the reality is it’s seconds?

Free Dinner Out – cash in my pocket, and potential to earn some serious money back just by sending a text message or email……..


Let me tell you less than 20 mins later I had cash in my account and now I was off to pay for dinner out and I came back full and with change in my pocket and this one tip, had I shared it with others could have earned me lots of money too.. depending upon how many I sent it too… and of course by sending me the tip herself this person got a kick back (paid by a company) so both a winner. …

However I did not share this… but I enjoyed that meal.

Get Paid for having a phone conversation.

I am not even making this up. The potential to earn a side income, passive income, add additional income streams is crazy and totally real.

My friends, I am fed up of the scams.. by chasing the money opportunities I have been duped, so there is no way I would do the same to you.. all my stories are genuine and can be backed up with evidence.

ITS NOT WHAT YOU KNOW IT’S WHO YOU KNOW – or it’s what you know about who you know!

The reality is, it’s both I think!

Now, I do not mind sharing, that in my jouney of setting up blogs, baring in mind I am not an expert, I just like writing, but there are certain things we have to do, to work on, to make it a better experince for others.. For others go this concept threw me at first.

Earning cash is my thing!

My blogs were just an online joutnal for me, from me, to me, to look back on, and sure if they helped others great, but then suddenly I have to look at things like paragraph structure, something called meta links or something and the tech stuff goes on and on…..but that is not my thing – earning side cash is.. so a phone call.

My friend sends me a link…. Just to be clear, these are are referal links or affiliated marketting links known in the trade. Personally if these links get me hard cash call them Mickey and Donald for all I care, I just want to know……

  1. Is it legit.. or a scam
  2. How easy is it
  3. Does it pay cash or vouchers, if so how and how quickly([personally i love Pay Pal)
  4. What is the cost to me.. so bare in mind there may be out of pocket travel expenses, or things you have to buy first

I contact the link, and again I get paid and I can share with my friends some of the money, because all I do is talk about certain topics for about 10 mins and I get paid. For legal reasons on this occasion I cannot share any more about this particular job as it has disclosure agreements….

Share or not share that is the question.

I guess I bring up this topic for a few reasons. In my journey of blogging, I have found it tricky to get genuine support. People seem to be really guarded about sharing help and maybe with good reason, but this can make it really hard when starting out!

If you notice however, just looking at Facebook for example, so many people are just giving away so many free things in the hope that they build connection, add value, and can get your support, whether it’s sooner or later..It is quite smart pyschological thinking and marketting, and does it work – you bet it does, over and over again!

Take the bet – Gamble on you!

I am not a betting man, but I have been to the dog racing and horse racing, and I see the bookies and those people who hang near them and hand over piles of money for tips and inside info.

Now what if I offered you my inside info, because let’s be clear I am not making the money I could be, why..because I cannot be bothered to chase the money and when I did, it made me miserable…but if I could offer you my contact list, my mentors… how much would that be worth to you? I could give you access to people who are making it, who have helped me, I am talking about:

  1. Get out of debt fast
  2. Earn extra money

Confidentiality verses shared support

I am not going to share with you this list, and I am not going to sell you anything.. not today not now……but like I said I am on a promise and I like to honour my promises, and todays blog is really to say thank you to some one who not only has helped m,e but has helped countless others, and I promised I would share her hard work which she shares.

Whether you are after saving money or making money or boosting money, trust me this awesome lady Clare from My Money” is worth checking out and her resources. I cannot thank her enough, and I am sure I will continue to knock on her door but you might make better opportunities than me and make money..

As for me… I just like making friends, because for me, that is where my riches lie.

Thank you for reading.

Steve Alexander.

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